I spied this book while shopping in downtown Toronto in the fall.  I wish I could remember the name of the store. 

I had an immediate flashback because, if my memory serves, it is the same speller that I used in public school. (Just to be clear, this speller edition had been around the block many years before my year started using it.)  Upon opening the book, however, I  discovered that it was a recycled cover with 200 new, acid free blank pages inside. What a boon…..I am and always have been in love with anything paper…especially blank paper.

I dug a little deeper into the valise displaying other books and started to examine the collection a little more closely.  And then I found this gem.  I had to have it….

On the back of the lower black band it says “A Notebook With A History…..Lovingly renovated by hand….Give it a new story.”….I intend to do just that.

For more info, follow this link:
StoryBook…by finders&keepers

All pictures  for this post taken by Maureen Coates


6 thoughts on “NEW LIFE TO AN OLD BOOK

  1. Omg this is right up my alley! I love the graphics on the front cover, and I love that it has the worn-in, old-book look. Can you get me one? LOLIf you remember the name of the store, I'd love to stop by.*Tania @

  2. I can definitely get you one Tania. The next time I go to Toronto, i'll pop in and see what's there. I emailed the company Finders&Keepers to see if they could give me the name of the store either on Queen St W. or Dundas St W….but have not heard back from them.

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