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I booked a florist today for my daughter’s wedding next February. She presented us with a cornucopia of pictures illustrating the ‘pretty’ she creates with fresh flora. I drooled. Is there anything more delightful than a fresh flower arrangement…any time of year.
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 If I could find my missing ‘greenthumb’ my home would NEVER be without fresh clusters of blooms.  Alas, I am not particularly thoughtful of my fresh cut blossoms. I also have trouble cutting the floral apron strings when my once fresh, pristine arrangement is dragging it’s butt and there are more petals scattered on the table than on the stem. I have difficulty tossing them in the compost.

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For this reason, I sometimes gravitate to faux flowers.  I know, I know…. a huge faux pas to flower purists. But I ask you…can you always tell the difference, even from a short distance?

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I have included pictures of real and faux flower arrangements in this post.  Can you spot the fresh vs faux ?

5 thoughts on “FRESH VS. FAUX….

  1. No can't tell from these photos. I absolutely love fresh flowers but with a cat that likes to eat them, poisonous or not, I have become a faux flower lover (cheaper than the vet bills). As long as you get high quality faux flowers and plants usually hard to tell the difference, but the dust can give them away!!! ;(

  2. Thanks for the comments Kelly and Lisa. I would love to be one of those people that walks home from the market with fresh flowers peaking out of a basket. But, why can't i be one of those people…darn it.

  3. With your sense of humour, Maureen they're probably all faux! Thanks for stopping by the store – it's so good to put a live face to a tweet! Deborah, Green Light District Design

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