TRENDS…”the general course or prevailing tendancy”.  What came first though, the chicken or the egg?  In other words, does a trend originate innocently with a concept that is followed because it is genuinly a great idea or are we manipulated to think that an idea is great due to constant barage of hype and it therefore becomes a trend.


Certainly in fashion, trends pop up every season on the catwalks in Milan and elsewhere.  They are designed and then endorsed ad nauseum, until everyone and their uncle is wearing the trend.


I remember in the late seventies, at first abhoring and denying myself the new fashion trend “cowboy boots”. After being bombarded with this fashion fetish, I soon began to covet and idolize them to the point of being a serial cowboy boot lusterer…I had to have a pair, and eventually got a pair and wore them out…literally. I was totally caught up in the hype.

In decor, I can honestly say that I do not follow the current trends. As we all know, unless you have been sucked into middle earth, Pantone’s trending colour is ‘Honeysuckle’. I actually like ‘Honeysuckle’…and it was very clever of Pantone to remind us that it does exist, but will I suggest it as a colour to use simply because it is The Pantone 2011 colour.  Never.

Two simultaneous trends I truly hope I never have to cast my eyes on again were the ever popular harvest gold and avocado green interiors of the late sixties and seventies. They are trends that should NEVER be allowed to poke their hideous chroma in our direction again.


I have been involved in several design chats lately and the topic of trends is often entertained. Some designers are enthusiastic and some are dismissive about trends. I truly believe that trends in decor are somewhat flippant and arbitrary. I’m not sure where they originate or why. Trends are here today and gone tomorrow, because trends are “the general direction followed by a road, river, coastline, or the like” and as we all know there are dips, twists, bends in the road, river or coastline.


The reason I tend not follow trends, is originality is often left out of the design/decor equation. Many times I’ve had a client decide that they want to go with or without a certain colour or finish because it is or isn’t trendy. Their decision is soley based on hype and popularity not on individuality. I always strive to have a client’s interior embody THEIR personality. Having said this, if a client choses a design or decor element that is appropriate and faithful to the project, but also happens to be trending… wonderful…it’s included.

Some trends, such as stainless steel appliances are expensive.  They have certainly stood the test of time and are still appropriate in certain applications. The problem is, choosing a trend at the end of it’s cycle can sometimes become an expensive mistake and look dated. If choices are made wisely and trends are eliminated from the decision making, the life cycle of a design or decor project should have a longer life expectancy.


Finally, I read the other day that red walls are OUT. Well, I have a gorgeous red dining room that has elicited much praise and red wallpaper in our hall and going up the stairs. I am NOT going to repaint any of the red walls because a new trend espouses a different colour. Instead, our red walls are a testament to the colours we love in our home. Yes….it is that simple.



  1. glad you like those red walls Deb…would be a bugger to paint over them anyway. The pic of the boots is soooo similar to what I had in the 70's. Also have a pair of pointy toed ones from the 90's…hoping they trend again.

  2. Trends usually start in fashion and then migrate over to interior design. I also am not keen on trends – they disappear too quickly. Best to stay with classic and what you like.

  3. I don't follow trends, I just do what I like. I'd even go so far as to say I'm anti-trend – if it's what everybody is doing, then I definitely DON'T want to do it!I did recently paint over the red wall in our family room, but that was because I was ready for a change – I had no idea red walls are "out". Who decided that anyway?!

  4. Can't go wrong if you do/buy what you love. Never heard that red walls are out – but could be referring to burgundy/red walls (like BM Sundried Tomato)which I had in my house about 10 years ago but wouldn't now as my tastes have changed.

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