When I go away on a vacation and I mean an actual trip where I am not participating in ANY of my usual daily activities, except sustenance, I always endeavour to bring home items that are indigenous to the region we are visiting. Such was the case 2 weeks ago when we went first to Athens, then boarded a  ship to cruise 3 Greek Islands, and the Dalamtian Coast ending and up and then spending 3 days in Venice. I avoid the souvenir shops and head straight for the Artisans.

I only slightly broke my own rule when I came across this beauty. I did not stop at an artisan shop, but instead found her in the ship’s store…. This is a Mary Frances original. Excuse me…she is red, my favourite colour, original, unique….no one else will ever own this particular bag. I had to have her. Look at the detail, the craftsmanship.

And the back displays as much gorgeousness as the front. Not only does she have that adorable handle/clasp, but there is also a removable shoulder strap. Are you jealous of my new purse?….OR….is she art?….I believe she is the essence of perfection of both purse and art.

In the next couple of weeks, if you will allow, I will endeavour to enlighten and hopefully not bore you with what I learned about marble (I have seen more Doric columns, than the sea has salt), Murano Glass, and perhaps other tidbits and pictures of our vacation.


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