GUEST POST…Passport to Design

I am so honoured to be a guest blogger over at Passport to Design 

As everyone knows who follows “Passport to Design” blog, Tania takes awesome photos and then writes about her personal travels incorporating design and decor into every post. When Tania asked me to do a guest post, I had just come home from two weeks in the Mediterranean… and had a ton of pictures.
I knew while I was away, that the pics I was taking of marble might make an interesting post someday
…. hence Marvelous Marble  …..

Please take a moment to peruse Tania’s gorgeous website  TLC DESIGN & DECOR 


3 thoughts on “GUEST POST…Passport to Design

  1. Thanks again for your wonderful guest post, Maureen! Your photos look fabulous and I love the information you were able to share about marble. On behalf of all the readers, THANK YOU!

  2. Really enjoyed your guest post and seeing more pics of your trip :-)On a totally different note, I really don't know why blue flowers are so popular. Lisa's explanation is a good one – or maybe it's because people just like blue 🙂

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